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A Comprehensive Guide to Bailing Someone Out of Jail

In the United States, 1 out of 3 individuals is arrested before the age of 23, and many family members and friends have to bail out their loved ones.

But what’s the exact process of using a bail bond service to get someone else released as soon as possible? Here’s a guide to bailing out a loved one.

Gather Crucial Information

The first step you need to take when bailing a loved one out is to gather all the crucial information beforehand. Often, people are so shocked and scared at receiving the news that they forget to gather any information they need beforehand. Never assume the bail money before the initial hearing and the court’s verdict on the amount of bail money you have to pay. In some cases, especially if your loved one is accused of a major criminal offense, the court refuses to release the accused from court custody during the trial.

In addition, we recommend gathering information about your friend’s or family member’s criminal offense. You need to know why they’re being held so you can make appropriate decisions. Moreover, if you’re handling their case, you need to call or visit them to learn more about their circumstances, the crime they’re accused of, and any other details you need to know.

Call a Bail Bond Service

Once you’re aware of the exact amount you need to pay to bail your loved one out of court, look for financing options. If the bail is a few hundred dollars and you can afford it, visit the jail to pay the bail immediately. However, if the bail amount is higher and you can’t afford to pay it instantly, call a trustable bail bond service immediately. A bail bond service pays the surety bail on behalf of accused individuals who can’t afford the high bail amount.

However, some bail bond services require you to sign paperwork and pay a percentage of the bail as their fee. In addition, you also need to come up with a document that specifies the repayment of the bail once the trial ends.

Visit the Jail Facility

Once you have drafted the documents, you can visit the jail facility with the bail bondsman where your loved one is being held. The bail bond agent will pay the required bail to law enforcement agencies after gathering some information from the accused, and your loved one will be released from court custody.

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