Understanding Bail Bond Agreements

If an arrestee wants to get bail after being detained, they have to enter into an agreement with the legal system. This contract, also called the bail bond agreement, allows the defendant to hire a bail bond service and lets them pledge money to the court in return for the defendant’s bail. Even though the process seems simple, it’s essential to understand all the terms stated in a bail bond agreement to avoid any legal consequences.

This blog discusses bail bond agreements between the court, the defendant, and the bail bond agent representing the defendant.

What is Included in a Bail Bond Agreement?

Even though the contents of a bail bond agreement can vary, based on the defendant’s case, the essential terms are similar. Here are some elements of every bail bond agreement.

  • The name and contact details of the defendant, including their residing address and phone number
  • The name and contact information of the Indemnitor or the guarantor of the defendant, which is usually the hired bail bond service or agent
  • The criminal offense that the defendant was detained for
  • The bail amount
  • The bail hearing date when the defendant has to appear before the court

What Terms Are Included in a Bail Bond Agreement?

Besides stating personal information, a bail bond agreement can also have certain terms. These terms usually dictate the behavior of the defendant during the case period. For instance, some bail bond agreement terms include preventing defendants from leaving the state during the case period and asking them to attend every court hearing.

What Happens if the Defendant Doesn’t Follow the Terms in a Bail Bond Agreement?

Like all other legal contracts, individuals must follow the terms of a bail bond agreement. If the defendant violates any terms in a bail bond agreement, like forgetting to appear at their bail hearing, their bail will be revoked, they’ll be arrested, the court will seize the entire bail amount, and the defendant will have to return the complete bail amount to the bail bond service.

The defendant signing the bail bond agreement

Have Trouble Understanding the Bail Bond Agreement? Hire a Certified Bail Bond Agent

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