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While you can expect to obtain a bond and be freed within 24 hours, sometimes it doesn’t take more than a few hours before our clients are able to reclaim their freedom after an arrest. By helping you get over the whole bonding experience in no time, Freedom Libertad Bail Bonds allow you to move on quickly. Our Rio Vista bail bonds provider will help you get back your freedom, giving you a second chance you undoubtedly deserve.

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Ricky Villarreal has been managing and developing businesses in San Angelo, Texas, for more than ten years. His service to the San Angelo community through community work, bond needs, financial services, and insurance coverage is a result of his faith.

Operating Freedom Libertad Bail Bonds for over a decade now, Ricky Villarreal is an active member of the community. He’s always grateful to God and operates on the principles of helping others.

Here are some of the services he offers:

Notary public

We have four notaries available who can provide same-day services. By drawing up or certifying deeds, contracts, and alternative documents to be used in an alternative jurisdiction, our notaries help you in your time of need.

Rio Vista jail search

If you know what you’re doing, performing a federal inmate search in Rio Vista isn’t difficult. At Freedom Libertad Bail Bonds, we offer Rio Vista inmate search for free!

Immigration bond

A non-US citizen can be arrested or detained if they’re thought to be in the country unlawfully or are under suspicion for committing a crime that may lead to deportation. Contact Freedom Libertad Bail Bonds if your loved one is going through the same plight.

Jail roster in Rio Vista

We provide an active inmate roster of Rio Vista. The search portal is updated frequently, allowing residents to instantly find the roster booked today.

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