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Why Do We Need Notary Public Services in the Internet Age?

It’s no secret that technology is constantly evolving and has majorly impacted every aspect of life, including legal procedures. The legal sector has introduced new legal roles and many legal processes have been automated. This includes notary services, like signing and clarification of documents. But can these digital tools replace traditional notary public services?

Here’s why notary public services are still important in the era of the internet.

Helps Prevent Fraudulent Transactions

The constantly evolving technology might have made the whole process of creating and signing documents easier, but multiple challenges can arise when notary public try to digitize documents online. One of these is the ease with which commit fraud. A notary is responsible for ensuring that no one is signing the documents under threat or influence.

However, this isn’t possible if both parties are signing online. In addition, another responsibility of the notary is to ensure  that the documents are original and the right people are signing the document. Again a notary can’t determine the authenticity of a document or the people through digital collaboration.

In contrast, public notary services minimize fraud by ensuring that the document isn’t photocopied. They also review the contents of a contract to ensure there are no hidden terms. In addition, a public notary service checks the ID of both parties to confirm their legal identity before signing the document.

Maintains Privacy

In this Internet era, you can share images, documents, and other information with different people on the internet easily. However, documents that have to be notarized need a higher level of security and privacy that the internet doesn’t provide. It’s easier for a cybercriminal to hack into different devices and read the contents of a private contract.

In addition, cybercriminals can use different software to change the content of a document stored online, even after it has been signed. Some digital tools also make it easier for some parties to forge documents, making the internet an unsafe place for document storage, sharing, and signing. Besides changing the content of contracts, a cybercriminal can replace the original document or prevent others from accessing it.

This can create a huge issue for people who deal with wills and estate plans that have to be read and implemented. On the other hand, a notary public service ensures that the document is secure. People can’t change the terms of the document once it has been signed, and the chances of anyone forging signatures is minimal.

A notary overseeing the signing of a contract

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