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Cash Bail vs. Bail Bond — Which Do You Need?

Bail is one of the first steps of every prosecution procedure. When a person is detained, the judge can analyze their criminal charges to set a bail amount. Contrary to popular belief, you can get bail through two different methods. These options include cash bail and bail bond.

This blog discusses the differences between cash bail and bail bonds.

Bail Vs. Bond — What’s the Difference?

As the name suggests, bail is the money the defendant pays the court to not be put into jail for a charge while they wait for their trial. On the other hand, if the arrestee can’t afford to pay the bail amount, they can hire a bail bond agent who can form a bail bond with the court. This bail bond works as a surety and shows the court that the defendant isn’t a flight risk and will attend future court hearings. The bail bond service or agent is responsible for paying the bail amount and acting as the defendant’s guarantor. While a defendant can only pay the bail as cash, the bail bond can include using an asset or property as the guarantee.

What Happens to the Cash Bail and the Bail Bond When the Case Ends?

Once the defendant attends all the court hearings and the judge or the jury provides a judgment, the cash bail amount will be returned to the defendant or any loved one who paid the bail. The court will also return any amount that the bail bond agent paid. However, the service fee paid by the defendant to the bail bond agent while forming a bail bond is non-refundable.

Cash Bail or Bail Bond — Which is the Better Option?

While you can pay a low bail amount, it’s often difficult for the defendant to arrange a high bail amount quickly. Therefore, people who can’t afford their bail amount need to opt for a bail bond. Additionally, forming a bail bond provides more surety to the case. Besides creating a surety bond with the court, bail bond services can also ensure you stick to the bail terms and attend all court hearings.

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Even though both cash bails and bail bonds have advantages, it’s advisable to opt for bail bonds due to the additional legal guidance offered by bail bond services. At Freedom Libertad Bail Bonds, we provide bail bond services in San Angelo, Texas. Our bail bond agents can help you understand the difference between cash bail and bail bond and form a bail bond to help you get out of jail in no time.

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