We offer the best bail bond services in Bellaire and have the understanding and experience to make the bonding process simpler. Within hours of completing the bond documents, your loved one will be on their way home. As a leading freedom bail bonds provider in Bellaire, we guarantee results. If your loved one has been offered a bond and you have the necessary collateral, cash, and documentation to cover the bond, we’ll have them free in a flash.

Give us a call now; we’ll explain the necessary steps needed for you to post bail for a friend or loved one. The process is affordable, easy, and fast. At Freedom Libertad Bail Bonds, our staff will do everything in its power to get your loved one out on bond as soon as possible. We’re a Bellaire bail bonds provider that cares about families and understands how dangerous it can be in a jail cell. We’ll work to get your loved one out in as little time as possible.

Why choose Freedom Libertad Bail Bonds for bail bond services in Bellaire?

Ricky Villarreal, the founder, has operated Freedom Libertad Bail Bonds for over ten years. He isn’t just an active member of the community but also firmly believes in God and believes in helping others.

Ricky Villarreal also owns a historic building, which he saved from destruction in the community. He hopes to establish it again as a place for learning, especially helping those people who need to improve their health. This way, Ricky Villarreal aims to tackle the issue of addiction affecting young folk in the community.

The following are some other services he offers:

Notary public

Looking for a same-day notary public service? Turn to Freedom Libertad Bail Bonds. One of our notaries will testify deeds, contracts, and any other documents you need.

Bellaire jail search

It’s easy to perform a federal inmate search in Bellaire. At Freedom Libertad Bail Bonds, we provide Bellaire inmate search for free!

Warrant search

Freedom Libertad Bail Bonds can help if you have a warrant for your arrest. We’ll schedule a walkthrough and help you out!

Jail roster in Bellaire

We provide an active inmate roster of Bellaire. The search portal is updated on a day-to-day basis, helping residents find the roster booked today.

Immigration bond

If a non-US citizen is thought to be in the country unlawfully, or if that individual is under suspicion for carrying out an offense that may result in deportation, they could be arrested or detained. Contact Freedom Libertad Bail Bonds if this has happened to your loved one.

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