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Immigration Bond

Whenever a non-U.S. citizen is thought to be in the country illegally, or that person is under suspicion for committing an offense that could lead to deportation, he or she could be detained or arrested. If this has happened to you or someone close to you, get in touch with San Angelo’s Freedom/Libertad Bail Bonds to obtain a San Angelo immigration bond.

How the Process Works

A San Angelo immigration bond is pretty much like a criminal bond. The immigration judge overseeing the case will determine the amount of money the bond will be. Then you, or someone acting on your behalf, will pay that money so you can be released.

You, or the person who posts the bond, will get that money back – as long as the person who has been detained shows up at the court hearing. The U.S. Treasury will keep that money if the detainee either fails to appear in court, or fails to follow whatever other orders the judge mandates.

There are some instances where a person will not be eligible for a San Angelo immigration bond. For example, the judge may feel that the detainee will try to leave the state or the country. The judge may deny bond if the person is believed to be a danger to society. These are some of the other reasons why a San Angelo immigration bond will be denied.

  • The person has past criminal convictions.
  • He or she has missed court hearings before.
  • He or she is under a deportation order.

However, there are instances where a person will have certain factors in his or her favor that will make it more likely they’ll be granted a bond. These include strong local family ties, or ties to the community.

The experts with San Angelo’s Freedom/Libertad Bail Bonds may be able to help if you or someone close to you needs a San Angelo immigration bond. Call 325-659-BOND (2663) for more information.

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