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3 Benefits of Hiring a Notary Public

A notary public, or a notary, is a person who’s authorized to perform or oversee certain legal formalities. This means that notaries can create contracts, update them, and certify them. In addition, they can sign and stamp other documents, like deeds, power of attorneys, financial transactions, estates, and wills, to ensure they’re legally accepted.

Are you reluctant about getting the services of a professional notary? Here are some benefits of hiring one.

Preventing Fraudulent Transactions

One of the most significant benefits of hiring a notary public is that they help prevent fraud transactions. A notary public is a highly-experienced professional and can notice any hidden scams and discrepancies that might not be clear to people without legal backgrounds. If you ask a notary to go through any contract before signing it, you can reduce the risk of becoming a victim of any fraudulent activity.

In addition, these professionals can point out any loopholes that might be beneficial to any party in the long run, which is why hiring a notary public is essential. Before signing or stamping any document, notaries ask both parties for ID to determine their legal identity.

Reliable Contract Signing (Especially for Businesses)

Besides asking parties to present their ID, a professional notary public ensures that the documents being signed and stamped are original. Photocopied documents can’t be notarized, which makes it easier for both parties to draft and sign documents. In addition, notaries ensure that the person signing the document isn’t doing it under threat, ensuring that the free will of both parties is considered during the process.

Since notary publics are neutral third parties and aren’t supposed to have any bias toward any of the people signing the document, both parties can easily trust them and the document. A notary public can get into legal trouble if they show favoritism toward any party, which increases the confidence of both parties.

Notary publics especially benefit small-business owners or individuals who have to sign multiple contracts daily. These notaries ensure a transparent process without inclining toward any party.

Cost-Effective Services

A common misconception about hiring a notary public is that it costs a lot of money. However, that’s far from true. Availing a professional and experienced notary’s services is affordable, allowing people to sign documents without putting a dent in their wallets.

Moreover, some notaries are available around the clock and can also travel to your location, making hiring notary publics highly flexible. Notary publics decrease stress by ensuring that you don’t get into legal trouble or experience a scam, making their services truly worthy.

 A notary public overlooking the signing of a contract

With the help of a notary public, you can avoid scams, and get your documents approved on time. At Freedom Libertad Bail Bonds, we have four different notaries available to certify or draw up contracts, deeds, documents, and more. In addition, they can travel to your location in San Angelo, TX on the same day. We also offer bail bond services in Texas.

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