Do Warrants Show Up on Your Background Check?

If an arrest warrant is issued against a person, the police can put them under arrest immediately. While arrest warrants generally show up on an individual’s background check, there are certain instances when they won’t. Whether it shows up on your background check or not primarily depends upon the type of warrant issued against you and how the background check is conducted by a company.

Types of Warrant

Arrest Warrant

If a police investigation team suspects a person on the basis of the information they gather regarding the case and have probable cause to suspect them, they can acquire an arrest warrant from the court.

Bench Warrant

This warrant is directly issued by a judge for critical reasons, such as missing court proceedings, failing to pay traffic fines or non-compliance to the terms and conditions of criminal probation or offense.

Capias Pro Fine Warrants

If an individual owes some money to the court or has signed up for a payment plan, the court can issue a Capias Pro Fine warrant against them to collect the unpaid finance charges.

Whether the person or company conducting your background check learns about the warrant issued against you or not depends on the type of background check they choose to conduct. If, for instance, they’re reviewing a person’s criminal records, they may not get notified about any warrants.

However, some companies allow their clients to request warrant information by filing a request to conduct a warrant check. Since bench warrants are a part of your court record, they can be searched online.

Therefore, if your employer or the company where you work or want to work decides to search the public court records of their candidates, they can see if any of them has a bench warrant.


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