Guide to Obtaining Police Reports and Court Records

You probably have a lot of questions if you want to check for court records or conduct a federal inmate search in Texas. State-by-state variations exist in the laws and regulations that specify how accessible such documents must be.

The public has easy access to court documents, police reports, and criminal records in Texas. Here is how to get your hands on them.

How to Acquire Court Documents

The 1973-established Texas Public Information Act gives anybody with interest access to court records. The only institution immune from this Act is the Texas Judiciary. The Texas Supreme Court must consent for them to be implemented. To acquire court documents:

  • You must specify whether the lawsuit was filed in the trial court or the appellate court.
  • Get in touch with the court’s record custodian.
  • After sending them a formal request in writing, you can receive it in person or by mail. Some courts also make the information available online.

How to Acquire Police Reports/Criminal Records

The Texas Public Information Act makes police reports, other government information, and the sale of copies of these records available to the general public. The Transportation Code provides protection against accidents. It describes the legal requirements for report release and the costs associated with obtaining copies.

In Texas, you can obtain police reports through one of three techniques:

Through mail

To find out if you can send your request, get in touch with the police department in your city. Most of the time, you can download the form online and mail it to the police department in a stamped envelope.


Verify whether it is possible to receive the police records in person. Only at the police department’s main office in San Antonio, Texas, can you obtain police reports.

Through Third-Party Websites

Ask your records office if you may submit a request online.

The availability of such records may vary on third-party online websites, even though they provide services for finding documents and reports. These websites are not supported by the government.

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Hire Professionals

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