What It Means When a Bail Bond is Exonerated

Exoneration is a term used to define the termination of bail or when the legal process is finished. Once a criminal case is resolved, the bail bond is discharged. It doesn’t depend on whether the defendant is found innocent or guilty or whether the case is dismissed by the court. However, if you haven’t paid a specific fee or payment, you still need to pay the remaining amounts to your service provider.

Bail Bond Money

Although the financial payments you make for the bail are returned when the bail is exonerated, the bail bond money isn’t returned.

Bail bond money is the additional fee you pay a bail bond provider to post the full bail amount.

End of Case

The bail bond exoneration is one of the last few steps taken when a court case ends. Your judge may inform you directly or the country clerk about the exoneration of your bail. The process is quite seamless and quick.

However, you need to remember that the bail exoneration doesn’t mean that the accused person is also exonerated. Bail exoneration isn’t associated with the case itself. A person may have to stay in jail (based on the convictions), even after the bail gets exonerated.

When Bail Exoneration Is Denied

If the accused person doesn’t appear in the court proceedings, their bail can be denied exoneration. This type of situation typically occurs when the accused attempts to go into hiding, fails to appear in the court several times or jumps a bail altogether.

Another important reason why bail is denied exoneration is when the person gets accused of some other criminal activities. The additional criminal charges can either add more bail to their case or cut down their bail options. Under these circumstances, the accused will get mandatory imprisonment.

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