Vancourt is a small town located north of Beaumont in Jefferson County. The town itself has only around 200 residents, but it’s safe to say that Vancourt has become a popular spot for people looking for a small town atmosphere and affordability. With an average home price of around $80,000, Vancourt is an affordable option for anyone who wants to live in the area without spending too much money on housing. But what does a small Texas town have to offer? Well, there are quite a few secrets about Vancour that most people don’t know. Here are the top things to do when you move to Vancourt:

Get out and hike
So you’ve moved to Vancourt, and you’re out exploring your new town. You’re walking down the sidewalk when you see an old wooden fence. You walk through the fence and see a bunch of wildflowers blooming. You walk up to the fence and look through the old wooden slats. You’re out exploring the beauty of your town, and you’re feeling very content. One big thing to look out for when exploring your new town is to look for hiking trails. If you love hiking, then you’re in for a treat. Texas is full of gorgeous hiking trails, and Vancourt has plenty of them. Some of the best hikes in the area include the Nature Center Trail, the Red Bluff Trail, and the Turtle Head Nature Loop.

Catch some live music
When you’re out exploring your new town, you come across a really cool looking venue. You walk in and see a band playing a really cool style of music. You go up to the bar and buy a drink, and you see the band playing your new favorites songs. This has probably happened to you plenty of times, but why not make it a reality in Vancourt? Texas has a ton of venues that offer live music, and Vancourt is no exception. Some of the best venues in the area include the Vancour Theatre, the Vancour Civic Center, and the Vancour Rodeo Grounds.

Go fishing
Fishing is always a good sport to get into. Whether you want to catch a few catfish or bass, there are plenty of lakes and rivers in Vancourt that are perfect for fishing. The best lakes to fish in Vancourt include Lake Richard, the Lake Delores, and the Lake Howard. The best rivers to fish in Vancourt include the San Jacinto River, the San Bernard River, and the Guadalupe River.

Take a drive through the country roads
When you’re exploring your new town, you’ll notice that there are a ton of country roads that go through the area. One of the best things to do when you have the chance is to take one of these country roads for a spin. These roads are usually filled with Texas history and interesting facts about the area. Some of the best country roads to explore include the Beaumont-Port Arthur Road, the Beaumont-Port Arthur Road, the Beaumont-Port Arthur Road, the Beaumont-Port Arthur Road, and the Beaumont-Port Arthur Road.

Explore the fascinating history of Vancourt
Vancour has a fascinating history that you’re definitely going to want to explore. The town was originally founded in 1838 as a way for Irish immigrants to start new lives in America. In fact, the town’s name comes from the Irish: “Vacour, meaning “new home.” During the Civil War, the city was strategically important. Union troops raided the town, causing the population to flee to Beaumont. The city was then occupied by Confederate troops, where the Battle of Vancourt was fought. After the war, the town was filled with new immigrants. One of the best things to do in Vancourt is to explore the city’s history. During your exploration of the town, you’re sure to discover a ton of interesting facts about the area’s history.
Bottom line

There are so many things to do in Vancourt, Texas. Whether you love exploring nature and hiking, fishing, or music, there’s something for you. When you live in Vancourt, you’ll have access to a ton of beautiful lakes, rivers, and hiking trails. You’ll also have easy access to music festivals, art galleries, and sporting events. If you love exploring your new town and wanting more, Vancourt is the place for you.


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