Angelo State University Planetarium

The Angelo State University Planetarium is one of the most popular places to take kids in San Angelo. The planetarium features brilliant shows that will captivate and educate the whole family. The planetarium is located at 2333 Vanderventer Ave, San Angelo, TX 76904, in the Vincent Building and offers several public shows throughout the year. These events are open to the public and are free of charge for Angelo State University students.

Angelo State University’s campus is home to over 100 student organizations. These include national Greek fraternities, sororities, and professional organizations. There are also honor societies, boards of councils, and special interest groups. The university also offers intramural sports for students. During football games, Dominic is a familiar sight around campus.
The Angelo State University Planetarium is located on the university campus, which makes it one of the larger planetariums on a university campus. It is equipped with a Spitz 512 projector, which can project over five thousand stars onto the screen. The planetarium also hosts an annual business plan competition.

The Angelo State University Planetarium is a fun place for children to learn about the solar system and space. Angelo State University is located in San Angelo, Texas, and offers several programs. Students can choose to pursue a degree in the arts, sciences, or graduate programs. The university is home to an active community of more than 10,500 students, who call themselves the Ram Fam. Students come from all over Texas and beyond, and nearly a thousand faculty and staff work at the university. The university has an operating budget of $127.3 million.

Angelo State University students participate in intramural sports such as flag football, basketball, volleyball, ultimate Frisbee, soccer, and disc golf. They also participate in club sports like bass fishing, racquetball, and powerlifting. Whether you’re an athlete or an amateur, Angelo State offers a comprehensive college experience and personal interest in the success of its students.


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