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Important Factors that Affect Your Bail Amount

While bailing out of jail is the first thing that comes to your mind when you get arrested, it’s often costlier than you think. This is especially true if you’re arrested for a serious crime.

That said, posting bail is critical if you want to effectively defend your case in court. Let’s look at some factors that may affect your bail amount.

Bail Schedule

The earlier you post bail, the lesser time you’ll have to spend in jail. Reputable bail bond providers allow their clients to post bail before arraignment. The term “bail schedule’ refers to the list that tells the bail amount a defendant needs to pay the police to get out of jail.

When bailing yourself or a friend, you need to pay according to the bail schedule. Otherwise, the court may not accept your bail.

Criminal Background

If the accused has a criminal background, they may be required to pay the high bail amount. However, if you don’t have a criminal history, your bail amount will be lower. Judges analyze the defender’s criminal background to identify the severity of your crime and set the bail amount accordingly.


Courtesy of the unprecedented advancements in technology in the past few years, courts can now make more informed decisions. There are certain programs in which you only need to enter the defendant’s information, and it gives you a score or recommendation accordingly. These algorithms produce results according to the defendant’s criminal history, age, and other factors that help in identifying if the defendant will appear in court or not. Many judges use these algorithms to make informed decisions when considering pretrial release.

Reliable Bail Bonds Services Texas

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