Posting bail for arrestees

4 Mistakes Arrestees Need to Avoid When Posting Bail

When someone you know has been arrested, your first instinct may be to get them out of jail as soon as possible. After all, they deserve their day in court, and posting bail is the best way to ensure that happens. However, people often make a few mistakes when trying to post bail for an arrestee – errors that could cost both time and money down the road.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss four common mistakes people often make when attempting to secure a release from jail.

1. Not Verifying the Bail Amount

When posting bail for arrestees, it is essential to consider the amount of bail set. Failure to verify the accurate amount may result in insufficient funds or posting a large unwanted sum. This could lead to unnecessary fees and even turns away bondsmen due to being disqualified for posting too low of an amount.

Before posting any bail amount, research should be conducted to ensure accuracy and prevent unfavorable outcomes.

2. Picking the Wrong Bail Bondsman

When posting bail for arrestees, choosing the wrong bail bondsman can cost you more time and money than necessary. It’s important to ensure that any bail bondsman you consider working with is licensed, qualified, experienced, and reputable.

Do your research before making a decision that could prove to be costly. Search online reviews and ask others who have experience posting bail for their opinions and advice. Lastly, make a price comparison so you can be certain you’re posting bail with the best rate. Taking time to make an informed decision will go a long way in ensuring that you select the best suit for your needs.

1. Violating the Terms of Your Release

Arrestees need to understand the terms of their release and abide by them to avoid any additional legal charges. Ignoring or violating the regulations of one’s release can be damaging, resulting in prolonged incarceration.

Those posting bail for arrestees should remain aware that a breach could result in forfeiting funds and paying any further related expenses that may incur following a violation. Therefore, complying with the terms of the court-mandated release is essential to ensure an easier transition to life outside of prison.

2. Not Reading the Bail Contract

Not reading the bail contract before signing has been proven to cause potential problems for arrestees and their families later. According to research by the American Association of Bail Agents, roughly 50% of bail contracts are signed without fully understanding the terms outlined. This can lead to misunderstandings and may adversely affect the outcome of criminal proceedings. As such, that posting bail must take extra time to ensure they know all sections and consequences outlined in their contracts before committing to any bail agreements.

Wrapping Up!

Posting bail for arrestees

Overall, the thought of posting bail can be daunting and intimidating. To make sure that it is done correctly, quickly (and securely), choose Freedom Liberated Bail Bond agents who’ll make it as easy for you as possible so you can get back to what matters at the end of the day: reuniting with your loved one.

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