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How to Get a Cash-only Bail Bond?

Most people never think they will get arrested, let alone apply for bail. This is why they put in little effort to understand the legal system and the bail bond process. For those who don’t know, bail bonds are referred to as the amount paid by the defendant to get released from jail.

Generally, there are two types of bail bonds; cash bonds and surety bonds. The former is more challenging to get compared to the other one. So, if you have no clue how to get a cash-only bond, you are in the right place. Read on to learn more.

What is the Purpose of Cash-only Bail Bonds?

A cash-only bond is issued by the judge when the defendant poses a high flight risk. In addition, their criminal records show that they have been involved in several misconducts in the past.

Therefore, a cash-only bond is issued to ensure the court is paid if the accused misses their court appearance.

Who Can Post a Cash-Only Bond?

The defendant, a family member, or a third party, such as bail bond services, can pay the cash-only bond. Also, the bail money might not be fully paid back in case the defendant is found guilty of the crime.

Moreover, if they fail to appear in a court of law, the entire bail bond sum will be fortified.

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How to Get a Cash-only Bail Bond?

Although the process of posting a cash-only bond varies from state to state, it is usually very simple. A bond receipt is issued to the payer (the defendant, a family member, or a third party). If the defendant pays the amount, the receipt is issued in their name.

This is essential as a refund amount will only be given to the person whose name is on the receipt. Thus, getting the right name on the receipt is crucial.

Once the defendant is released from prison, they need to uphold the conditions of the bond and appear in court whenever they are asked to. If they fail to meet the conditions, the bail bond is canceled and an arrest warrant in the defendant’s name is issued.

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