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Getting Out of Jail After Being Arrested: A Complete Guide

Being detained while awaiting court dates after being accused of a criminal offense is never an easy scenario. However, this pre-trial restriction can be lifted if you choose to post bail.

However, it’s essential to understand your rights and the bail bond process to get yourself or a loved one out of jail. Take a look at this guide to understand how to get out of jail after an arrest.

Understanding Your Rights

The first step is to have basic information about your rights. The following are United States civil liberties:

1. The Right To Remain Silent

The Fifth Amendment protects a citizen’s right to remain silent. You don’t have to disclose any case-related information or residential information. However, in some jurisdictions, you may have to show your ID; if you refuse to do so, you could be arrested.

2. Nobody Can Search Your Property Without A Warrant

The US legal system states that a local cop can’t search your house or commercial property without a warrant. However, a law enforcement officer can search your clothing if they find a weapon in your pocket. Taking a stand may help protect your liberties and freedoms in subsequent legal procedures.

3. You Have The Option To Get A State-Appointed Counsel

Not all people have the funds to afford an attorney. The court will appoint a lawyer for you within twenty-four hours of your arrest if you cannot fight for your legal rights. The lawyer will approach you, but you might not be able to contact them until the cops have taken legal action against you. This procedure may take more than two days.

4. The US Legal System Protects All People Against Ethnic And Race Discrimination

Federal police officers may not use a defendant’s upbringing or ethnic origin to any degree. However, they can’t arrest a person based on race or ethnic background. The cops must have solid evidence to make any arrest.

What Happens When You Get Arrested?

A victim will first file a complaint against the defendant. The cops will forward the complaint and investigate the case to gather evidence. They will arrest the defendant if they find any evidence against them. A judge will then conduct an initial hearing to examine the evidence and decide whether the defendant should get the option to post bail or not.

A suspect has two options; they can either post bail or stay in jail till their trial. They can also appoint a bail bond agent to post bail on their behalf. They will help you get out of jail in exchange for a standard 10% fee. However, hiring a professional bail bond service provider is essential to avoid any mistakes.

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