4 Different Types Of Offenses In San Angelo, TX

When an individual is found guilty of a crime, a criminal sentence is one of the social repercussions they will face. A judge will impose a penalty based on the nature of the offense. Criminal sentences are essential as they punish offenders for their actions but also help deter the public from breaking the law.

Most people are often unaware of the complexities of legal matters. However, every citizen needs to be aware of the common offenses in their region to tackle legal situations.

If you’re trying to understand criminal charges in San Angelo, this post is for you. Look at this guide to learn more about some of the most common types of crimes.

1. Indecent Exposure

This is one of the most prevalent offenses in the world. The word “indecent” can mean different things to different individuals, and its interpretation differs by region. However, this crime generally involves exposing one’s genital area to another person or urinating in public in the US.

2. Crime Against Property

A person is charged with a ‘crime against property’ if they trespass, destroy, or attempt to steal valuables from a property. These crimes include theft, destruction of property, auto theft, etc.

The crime can be charged as a felony and a misdemeanor. For example, in 2014, Justin Bieber threw eggs on his neighbor’s property and had to serve two years probation, five days of public service, and a fine of $80,900. This crime was charged as a misdemeanor as no property damage was reported.

3. Crime Against A Person

These are types of crimes that are intended to physically or mentally harm a person. These crimes are divided into two subsets; homicide and other heinous crimes.

The following are some examples of violent acts that fall under the ‘crime against a person’ charge:

  1. Rape
  2. Abduction
  3. Domestic abuse
  4. Harassment acts
  5. Child abuse
  6. Murder etc.

4. Statutory Crimes

Statutory crimes are types of crimes that are prohibited under the law. The three most common statutory crimes are alcohol-related crimes, careless driving, and financial fraud. Alcohol-related offenses cover a wide range of crimes, including:

  1. DUI cases
  2. BUI cases
  3. Selling drug/liquor to a minor
  4. Public intoxication
  5. Underage drinking
  6. Refusing to take the sobriety test

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