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Ways Stay in Jail Affect Your Mental Health

Research indicates that imprisonment can lead to psychiatric disorders and may lead to long-term mental illnesses. The jail’s environment has been proven to cause several mental health problems and is highly disturbing for the inmates. Let’s look at some ways imprisonment affects your mental health.

Disconnection with the Family

When you get arrested, you need to give up your mobile phones and all possible means of connecting with your family. The prisoners need to live away from their families and social network.

According to a study, people imprisoned over 50 miles from their house are more likely to fall into depression. Family support and social networking are often associated with mental well-being, and having to stay away from them, even for a few days, can affect your mental health negatively.

Loss of Independence

Imprisonment means you need to adjust to a fixed schedule, because of which many lose their sense of independence and purpose.

Several studies have proven that people feel happier when they have greater control over their environment and surroundings. When someone goes to jail, they get limited access to education, training programs, and other activities that were previously a staple in their routine. Prisons are also attributed to substance abuse and other harmful activities that former inmates take up to cope with their depression and anxiety.


If you’re here, you may already know that jails are highly violent places, and witnessing violence regularly can lead to trauma. People in jail often experience physical or verbal violence, which can make them extremely aggressive.

Witnessing violence can also lead to hypersensitivity, depression, and anxiety. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that the things people experience behind bars stay with them forever if they don’t seek professional help.

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