Immigration Bonds Explained

When a loved one or close friend is being held captive, it can be very distressing. The US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has detained about 143,000 immigrants in recent years. The good news is that these individuals might be qualified for an immigration bonds, despite the fact that the number of such cases is on the rise.

What’s an Immigration Bond?

Despite not being citizens of the United States, immigrants nevertheless retain some rights, one of which is the ability to get an immigration bond. Simply put, an immigration bond is a sum of money used to guarantee the release of an immigrant who is currently being held by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

It’s crucial to remember that obtaining an immigration bond does not automatically mean the deportation case has been resolved. The promise to appear in person at all future court proceedings and to follow all judicial instructions is one of the terms of an immigration bond.

The Department of Homeland Security determines the sum, which varies depending on the circumstances. However, the minimum is $1500.

How Does an Immigration Bond Work?

A responsible adult with legal standing in the United States must provide the bond money for the detainee. The aforementioned person will take on the responsibility and be in charge of all paperwork.

The inmate will be freed once all the paperwork is completed and the fee has been paid. But be aware that this procedure takes time.

Additionally, a detainee is only qualified for an immigration bond if, following release, they won’t be a flight risk or a danger to others. For instance, the inmate might fit a high-risk profile if they have a criminal history.

A person signing a document of Immigration Bonds

Collateral for an Immigration Bonds

Collateral is required in order to get an immigration bond from a bond service provider. This could be anything from real estate, money, or credit cards. The collateral will be given back once the immigration issue has been resolved.

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