What Happens at a Bail Review Hearing

Before you appear in the court, you should know the primary purpose behind a court hearing, what may happen during the hearing, the people who’ll be there, and how it works. If you don’t want to be unprepared at the last moment, you should also know the specific issues that will be addressed during the hearing and what you’d be expected to do as a defendant.

So, What’s a Bail Hearing?

A court proceeding where a judge decides if a defendant should get the permission to post bail and leave the jail or they should be kept in jail for a little longer.

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The fundamental reason why a court may conduct a bail review hearing is to acquire an assurance that the defendant is reliable enough to reappear at their criminal trial. In a bail hearing, you may also get informed about the total bail amount required for your particular case; if the judge allows you to post bail. To turn the tables in your favor, you’ll be required to support your case by presenting some evidence before the judge.

Who’s There?

The judge leads a bail hearing, but the jury’s presence isn’t mandatory. The defendant must be present with their defense attorney. Spectators’ presence is also welcomed during a bail review hearing.

Factors Affecting the Outcome of the Hearing

To decide if a defendant should be allowed to post pail or not, the judge considers the following factors

  • The defendant’s character and background
  • Employment
  • Financial resources
  • The nature of the crime
  • Past criminal record
  • Court appearances
  • Residence and the overall period of residency in your current residential location
  • Family ties

How We Can Help

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