3 Reasons Why You Should Perform Criminal Background Checks

In Texas, ordinary people did not always have the authority to access and obtain someone’s criminal records the way they can now. It wasn’t possible until the 1990s, when the Texas Legislature extended the right to the general public as well, that the practice became mainstream, especially when it involved agencies making hiring and licensing decisions.

In the present time, criminal history information is considered public in light of Texas’ Freedom of Information Act, and companies frequently assess the backgrounds of their applicants in such a way during the hiring process. In Texas, criminal records are primarily maintained by the Texas Department of Public Safety, the government agency that operates the Conviction Database, which is an archive for public criminal records. Getting access to these records is fairly easy, although the process may involve submitting an application and a fee.

The Importance of Background Checks

Today various organizations, including corporations, licensing bodies, insurance companies, and even churches, can request criminal records of a person before they choose to associate with them. But why is screening out a person for their criminal history necessary?

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1. Workplace Productivity

Finding employees that uphold principles of integrity is ideal for the success of your business. Not only do you eliminate the risk of on-job crime like theft and embezzlement, but you also ensure the safety of your employees and clients—all of which is crucial for the productivity of the entire team.

2. Safety

It is pivotal for people working in fields that involve taking care of vulnerable populations, such as in the case of social and healthcare workers, child caregivers, mental health professionals, and first responders, to be honest, and just in their work. This is because it involves dealing with individuals who are most at-risk of being harmed. Screening applicants who apply for such positions for any evidence of misdemeanors and felonies is therefore essential for the well-being of various groups of vulnerable people.

 3. Avoid Lawsuits

Screening people for their criminal background before you allow them into your network effectively minimizes the chances of on-job misconduct that could require legal interventions. Filing a lawsuit is both expensive and time-consuming, not to mention there is no guarantee you’re going to win the case. But you’re able to prevent such a risk and save your monetary resources when you make necessary measures against letting such a circumstance arise in the first place.

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