DUI vs. DWI – What’s the Difference?

Many people are generally unaware of the differences between DUI and DWI. While there are differences between various states, it’s important to know what applies to your region. DUI and DWI have some similarities, but there are certain differences that make it important to know which is which. Here’s a rundown on most of the important factors you should be aware of:

DUI in Texas

Driving Under the Influence (DUI) comes under a class “C” misdemeanor. If it’s your first offense, you won’t get jail time and a $500.00 offense charge. For repeat offenses, you can receive significant jail time. There are certain conditions as probation, along with community service and you might also be required to take part in alcohol awareness sessions.

If an officer believes that even if a minor has consumed alcohol, and despite not going above the .08 limit on the breathalyzer or showing any impairment of mental capabilities, they can be charged. These cases are generally taken seriously as they can have major changes on the minor’s criminal record in the long run.

DWI In Texas

Driving while intoxicated (DWI) constitutes not just alcohol but other drug-related offenses in traffic. If the BAC levels for blood, urine, or breath are equal to or more than the legal limit of .08, they’re considered intoxicated. Driving a boat or an aircraft while you’re intoxicated is also considered a crime as it can lead to harm to self and others.

Apart from alcohol, these also pay attention to other controlled substances that can cause intoxication and various impairments to a person. Operation of any vehicle in a public area in a state of intoxication comes under a class B misdemeanor.

Important Things to Know

You can go to jail for a minimum of 72 hours if you’re caught driving intoxicated. If there’s an open container of alcohol in your possession while you’re caught driving, the jail time at the very least is six days in such cases. Having alcohol while you’re driving any vehicle is also considered a crime.

 Impaired vision while speeding on the road.

Even if you’re not convicted, positive tests will lead to your driver’s license being suspended for 90 days. The police might require you to attend a program intended for those operating a vehicle under the influence, and failure to do so if instructed can lead to losing your license.  If there’s another case of DWI, you might lose your license for another 18 months. Refusal to provide a test for intoxication is also a crime and can lead to license suspension.

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