How You Can Avoid Fraud Bail Bonds

Most people are unaware that bail isn’t applicable in every case. Whether you apply for bail depends on the severity of the crime you’ve committed. If the judge determines that you’re a threat to others because of your actions, you may not be eligible for bail. There are some cases where people will be required to meet certain conditions that allow them to become applicable for bail; until then, you’re required to stay under custody. Generally, the judge will determine whether you can be released on bail after the trial.

Misconceptions like these still exist in our society. As a result, bail bond scam cases are increasing. Take a look at these four ways to avoid falling prey to bail frauds.

Always Keep An Eye Out For Deceptive Tactics

Scams are common nowadays. Individuals who are panicked or are in urgent need are easy prey for con artists. Knowing what to watch for is the greatest approach to avoid becoming a victim. Scam artists employ a variety of tactics, including the ones listed below:

1. Always Beware Of Cold Calls

A scammer ready to make a cold call

In case you receive an unknown call from a stranger saying your family member or friend got arrested.   Disconnect the call right away and try to contact your family or friend instead of believing the stranger. If you’re unable to contact them, call local prisons to see if they’ve been detained. A genuine bondsman would never call. This is one of the most common tricks scammers use to get your money.

2. Always Beware Of Solicitations

A bail bondsman doesn’t scour the corridors of jail looking for terrified and desperate family members. Remember that you or a family member should approach a representative,  not vice versa. Trust your instincts if you encounter anyone who pretends to be a bondsman.

3. Always Beware Of Phone Call Payments

When consulting with a bondsman, keep in mind that you will be needed to sign documents. Bail bond agencies are typically located near juvenile facilities as clients are expected to come to their offices to negotiate the procedures.

In some cases, scammers try to convince you to sign a document or pay cash using digital means like direct transfer; however, it’s illegal to sign a document over the telephone. Always pay the bondsman in person to avoid any fraud.

4. Don’t Get Attracted To Discounted Prices

Bail bonds are less expensive than posting bail on your own. You are only required to pay around ten percent of the bail amount rather than the total payment. The bail bondsman covers the whole amount of the bail, and it will be reimbursed if you or a loved one attends all of the court proceedings.

Despite the fact that bail bonds are an affordable option, a bondsman may nevertheless provide a discount. Keep an eye out for these people. Inexpensive rates may appear to be a better deal; however, you could be putting yourself at risk.

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