What People Get Wrong About Bail Bonds

Mainly because of pop culture and general misinformation, a lot of people have the wrong idea about various legal procedures. Bail bonds might easily be on the top of the list and there are numerous incorrect ideas that people would want to clarify if they ever find themselves needing to be bailed out. These are some of the major blunders along with clarification on the facts to disprove them:

About Paying the Bail Bond Company in Cash

A misconception that’s probably been spread around by movies is regarding payment of bond service fees being only in hard cash. Times have changed and so has the service. So if you want to pay them in physical cash, you’re free to, but you have other options as well. Most bond agencies have different kinds of arrangements and it’s wise to get in touch with them so you know your options.

Generally, they accept debit cards, checks, credit cards, and even money orders in some cases. Some also have installment schemes available, but make sure you know about the terms and conditions in such a case.

How Everyone Arrested Can Be Bailed Out

Bail isn’t applicable for every case. Whether you apply for bail depends on the severity of the crime you’ve committed. If the judge determines that you’re a threat to others because of your actions, you may not be eligible for bail. There are some cases, where people will be required to meet certain conditions that allow you to become applicable for bail, until then you’re required to stay under custody.

Generally, the judge will determine whether you can be released on bail after the trial.

Your Bail Amount Isn’t Negotiable

Many people have the misconception that your bail agent can simply negotiate with the court to set a lower bail amount for their client. The bail amount is set by the judge and is determined by the sort of crime you’ve committed. The harsher the felony, the bigger fine you can expect to be slapped with.

Small gavel near folders.

There are certain conditions about your record that might lead to some adjustments from, the judge’s end. But none of this has any direct involvement from the bond agent.

You’re Free to Do as You Want After Bail

Bail doesn’t mean you’re scot-free. You still have to meet any requirements that the court requires you to, including showing up for any hearings you’re demanded to come for. As long as the case runs, various rules apply and you can land back in jail if you commit another crime.

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