Doole is an unincorporated community in McCulloch County, Texas. It was the birthplace and final resting place of American cowboy and rodeo promoter Dan Collins Taylor. Originally named Gansel, the community was later renamed after its postmaster, David Doole, Jr. After a long drought in the late 1950s, settlers preferred Doole over Gansel. This was because of the community’s proximity to Cheyenne Frontier Days. Read More

A customized map of Doole, TX can be a useful tool to help travelers navigate the city and its surroundings. There are several types of personalized maps available, including satellite view, interactive search, and free printable Doole map. Once printed, you can use the map offline, bringing it with you wherever you go. To save your personalized map, just enter your desired location into the search box. You can even opt for a PDF copy of the map, which will allow you to access it later.

Although the population of Doole, TX is low and only a few families live there, it is still a vibrant and functioning town. This small town was established during the dust-bowl era and has seen better days than its former heyday. Even the school was constructed with different construction methods than today’s schools. Doole, Texas has a rich history that dates back to the early 1900s. And a local history museum tells you of the town’s colorful history.

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