Walking free after you’ve been arrested can be one of the best feelings you get to experience in a long time. Most people will only realize how much they’ve been taking freedom for granted until they’ve been incarcerated. If you’ve been released on bail, it’s imperative that you’re not skipping court as such a decision could have severe repercussions. The work of a  bail bondsman might be to get out of jail in the shortest time possible but you wouldn’t be doing yourself any favors when you decide to skip court.

What Is The Role Of Bail?

A bail bond is one of the primary tools that a court system uses to ensure that criminal suspects appear in court. If a defendant cannot afford their own financial bonds, the courts will allow someone else to buy them, often known as a surety. If the defendant fails to appear in court or violates any other terms of their release they are brought back into custody and have their bail money returned. Bail bonds promote accountability.

By requiring a financial risk, bail seeks to ensure that defendants show up for trial. If they do not, courts will forfeit their bail and they will be jailed until their case is resolved. In criminal law, bail is the release of an individual from custody before conviction. Bail can be granted for many reasons to ensure appearance in court at a later date or to ensure that the accused appears at trial.

Some individuals may have their access to bail refused as they are deemed too high risk, while others may be financially self-sufficient and therefore not need bail. Generally, bail is granted in lower to middle-class cases. The high-risk cases are those who have been convicted of a serious crime, such as murder or terrorism.

Bail As A Form Of Security

Bail is the security for the Defendant’s appearance at trial. A recognizance usually requires a 10% deposit of the bail amount, and if the person charged fails to appear for their court date, then they are not entitled to get their money back. If they do appear in court on that day, then they can recover their money. The person who posts bail is known as the surety. The bail is posted to be sure that the defendant will appear in court at their trial date.

Consequences Of Skipping Bail

There are more than 10 million arrests made every year. While the majority of cases will be dropped by the courts, there is still a substantial number that will go through the criminal process in its entirety. While skipping bail might seem like the only way out, there are a couple of reasons why it isn’t a good idea:

1.Loss Of Money

You’re certain to lose every penny you paid as bail if you skip going to court. If you use a bail bond company, you’ll automatically owe them money. The same applies if you used a cosigner for your release. When you’re thinking about skipping bail, it will be prudent to think about this factor before making a hasty decision.

2.End Up in Jail

The court will see your failure to appear as a flight risk, and they’ll most likely issue an arrest warrant if you fail to show up for court. Chances are, you’ll be arrested on the spot if you’re found in your jurisdiction.

An arrest warrant can be issued by the judge as soon as the defendant skips bail. Staying behind bars before the trial date will not be in your best interest as you’ll need time to prepare for the defense.

3.The Courts Might Not Be Lenient

When faced with a serious criminal charge, it’s important that you’re hiring an experienced defense attorney. Even the best lawyers can’t make your case any better when you decide to skip bail. Courts take skipping bail seriously and might not be so lenient during the trial hearing.

This could result in a harsher sentence that wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t skip bail. The option of a plea bargain could also be off the table because you decide not to attend court.

4. Additional Charges 

In some instances, there could be additional charges by the courts for failing to honor the terms of the bail agreement. Facing criminal charges is already stressful enough and the last thing you’d want to deal with is an additional charge. The additional charges are not only costly but could result in severe implications.

It’s understandable that you could unintentionally miss court. When it does happen, make sure to reach out to your lawyer as soon as possible. Courts require honesty and accountability.

5. It Will Stain Your Record

 Another reason for not skipping bail is how consequences could stain your record. In the event that you have a run-in with the law, the courts will look at your past records when determining your bail amount. It might also not be possible to get help from bail bond companies as they’d consider you a flight risk.

Getting A Bail Bond Company

Bail bonds are a crucial part of the criminal justice system. For those accused of crimes, they guarantee one’s appearance in court. It can be confusing to select an appropriate bail bond company. When your situation is dire, or you simply want to ensure that you will be able to afford to pay for bail should it become necessary, getting a bail bond company is an option. The bail bondsman provides this service for a fee, normally equivalent to 10% of the total amount of the bond.

A bail bond company will provide the service of posting a collateral payment in order to have you released from jail. This will allow you to go about your business as usual while waiting for the pending court proceedings. Note that if you do not keep up with any payments or court appearances, the bonding agency will be within their rights to sell your collateral in order to recover their costs. For more information on bail bonds,  you can check out https://sanangelobonds.com

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