Should You Turn Yourself in to the Police?

Are you feeling uneasy and wondering whether you should turn yourself in to the police or not after a brush with the law? Let’s be pragmatic; there might be room for compassion depending on the severity of the crime committed. Nonetheless, overreacting and confessing to the police is not advisable. You’re better off confessing to your hired attorney. Better still, you can get yourself a bail bondsman before turning yourself in to the police.

If you create a bond that means money to secure your release, you may be released from jail. Contrarily, if you have different holds, which means having a detainer placed on you by other government agencies, you must clear them. Otherwise, you will serve them out with jail time. For example, you will serve jail time for unpaid traffic tickets under such circumstances.

Hence, if you can neither make a bond nor qualify for pretrial release, then you’ll be in jail awaiting a court appearance.

Is it Wise to Turn Yourself In?

However much you feel terrible about a criminal act, do not turn yourself in unless you are sure of spending the rest of your life in jail. Otherwise, you will eventually need rehabilitation. With a rehabilitation future foresight, you can temporarily hold off going to the police, but you will ultimately have to go. The most important thing is to have a knowledgeable criminal lawyer guide you through the process.

No Laws Obligate You to Turn Yourself in After Committing a Crime

The police will look for you to detain you as soon as a warrant for your arrest is issued. It is recommended that you seek legal counsel before you turn yourself in. When you tell your story to a criminal attorney, they will make an effort to resolve the situation on your behalf.

Lawyers who practice criminal law are under a code of confidentiality that restricts them from confessing against you.

Furthermore, if you are uncomfortable turning yourself in to the police after confessing to your lawyer, they cannot report you to the police without your consent. Hiring a lawyer helps you understand the intensity of your crime and come to terms with it.

Despite everything, escaping to Brazil to start a new life might seem like such a good idea. However, depending on the intensity of the case, this might prove futile since the police can follow the criminal justice protocol and request international assistance in apprehending you.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t matter if your crime is not as horrible as murder. Running is not sensible. Fugitives, when found, face harsh prison times, and the stain becomes difficult to erase from their past.

Advantages of Turning Yourself In

Turning yourself in might seem like baiting yourself, but there are so many benefits, such as;

  • It can get you a good deal with the authorities depending on the intensity of the crime committed. As an act of good behavior, you could avoid staying behind bars, having your sentence suspended, or doing a short jail term.
  • Assuming that you get into a hit-and-run situation and then turn yourself in to the police, you increase your indemnity chances. In most cases, insurance companies do not offer to cover legal dues if a victim of hit and run intends to sue you for hitting them. However, the responsible action of turning yourself in puts you in good faith with your insurance company.
  • Not only can turning yourself in increase your chances of getting your bail lowered, but it can also increase your chances of getting free bail. You can get free bail and not be detained until your court date through Release on Recognizance or ROR. Nevertheless, your attorney would have to convince the judge that you are not a flight risk, which means that you will not run away.
  • Turning yourself in could save you from oncoming physical harassment by the police on your apprehension.

It is imperative to note that arrest warrants are not limited by time. Thus, the statute of limitations will not expire however much you hide. Therefore, it is better to turn yourself in to the sheriff, police or, US Marshals. Ensure that you always consult a criminal lawyer when making vital decisions about your legal future.

Consider Following This Procedure to Turn Yourself in to the Police:

It is advisable to note these pointers before turning yourself in at any given time.

  • Consult with a criminal lawyer. Be very open with them and let them know whatever is going on. Their sole role is to represent you with no bias regardless of your criminal deeds.
  • Reach out to a bail bond agent to give you a warrant walkthrough (assuming a warrant has been issued) – As long as you are in talks with a lawyer, the chances are that there is or will be.
  • Figure out if the bondsman you are consulting with can warrant a walkthrough to help you get out of jail faster. As long as your bond paperwork is in order and prepaid, you will be out of jail in no time.

Are you in trouble with the authorities, contemplating running and wondering how long a warrant lasts? You could end up being a more significant prisoner in the outside world than in the actual prison, living in fear of being caught for the rest of your life! On the flip side, you could turn yourself in to the police; the safest bet ( at least according to us) is seeking professional legal service that goes seamlessly with a licensed bail bonds company.

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