An arrest often comes with a lot of emotions and confusion. If this is your first arrest, you are probably thinking about regaining your freedom as quickly as possible. Regaining your freedom after an arrest will depend on whether your bail application has been granted or not. Usually, for bail to be granted, the defendant will be arraigned in court before a judge. During the arraignment – which is also the defendant’s first appearance in court – the charges against them will be read and the defendant will be allowed to enter a plea. Pleas are usually “guilty” or “not guilty.” After the plea has been entered, the defendant’s legal counsel will then seek for the court to release the defendant on bail. Contrary to popular opinion, a bail bondsman does not set the bail or bail condition.

Judges consider a lot of factors when deciding on bail applications. They consider common factors like the severity of the charges against the defendant, prior convictions or criminal history, flight risk, and others. If the bail application is approved, the court will determine the amount to be paid in exchange for the defendant’s temporary freedom. Defendants whose bail applications have been approved have two options to regain their freedom. The first option is to pay the full amount demanded by the court to the court in exchange for their release. The second option is bail bonds through a bail bondsman.

What Are Bail Bonds?

Bail is a financial guarantee required by the court to ensure that the defendant keeps showing up on their court dates. When bail is paid directly to the court, the defendant pays in full and forfeits the amount when they miss at least one court date without prior notification. On the other hand, bail bonds are a surety guarantee offered by a bail bondsman to a defendant.

With bail bonds, defendants who are unable to come up with the full amount demanded by the court can pay a fraction of it to secure their release. Bail bonds usually cost a percentage of the total amount set as bail. For example, if a criminal defendant’s bail has been set at $100,000, he or she will be required to pay the sum in full to the court. However, those who cannot come up with such money can pay 10 to 15% of the court-ordered bail amount to their bail bondsman to secure their release.

A bail bondsman stands as a surety for the defendant to secure their release. Defendants who have secured bail bonds for their release are required to abide by the conditions of their release. If the defendant skips a court date without proper notification, the bail bondsman is allowed to re-arrest the defendant and hand them over to law enforcement.

Is Posting Bail Bonds Worth It?

If you or a loved one has been arrested and thrown in jail, getting out of jail will become the most important priority. To get out of jail, you can either pay the full bail amount to the court or pay a fraction of it to a bail bondsman in exchange for your release. People who are unable to do any of these will remain in jail until their case has been finalized. Staying in jail can mean a lot of things for the defendant. The defendant may lose his or her job during this time. It can also affect the outcome of the defendant’s case.

People who wish to regain their freedom fast, return to their lives, and properly plan their case ahead of court dates will find posting bail bonds to be worth it.

What To Know When Using A Bail Bondsman

Bail bondsmen or bail bond companies are established institutions that have a working relationship with jailhouses and the police departments. The fees charged by bail bondsmen are controlled by the state wherein they operate. If you or a loved one has been arrested, charged to court, and bail granted, a bail bondsman can help. Experienced bail bondsmen will take you through the process of securing bail. Bail bondsmen often collect important information like

  • The defendant’s government name
  • The police department, correctional center, or jailhouse where the defendant is being held
  • The bail amount set
  • The defendant’s alleged offense.

While bail bonds are cheaper compared to paying the court in exchange for your release, there is a fundamental difference between bail and bail bonds. For bail, the amount paid to the court can be refunded – minus administrative charges – at the end of the case, provided no court dates are missed. On the other hand, there is no refund with bail bonds. The percentage of the bail amount paid to the bail bondsman for your release is seen as payment for the services rendered by the bail bondsman.

Benefits Of Choosing Bail Bonds

1. Get Out Of Jail Faster

The bail bond process is often fast and seamless for defendants who wish to get out of jail fast. Bail bondsmen often have a good relationship with law enforcement offices and jailhouses. This allows them to process defendants out of jail fast and reunite them with their loved ones.

2. Payment Plans

Bail bondsmen understand that not everyone has the financial strength to pay out-of-pocket. In most instances, clients are offered flexible payment plans that allow them to spread their payment over an agreed period. With this payment plan, defendants can secure their release from jail immediately while paying for it over time.

3. Less Embarrassment And Better Treatment

If you wish to save yourself from the embarrassment of being locked up in jail, a bail bondsman can offer all the help you need. Bail bondsmen can help you get out of jail in time to keep your job and avoid people from suspecting your public absence.

4. Professional Advisors

Bail bondsmen are familiar with the justice system. They know the ins and outs and have some of the important information that you may need. Bail bondsmen can refer you to attorneys for legal representation. They can also help you to understand your bail conditions and answer questions relating to your temporary freedom.

Getting bail bonds is worth it in a lot of ways. If you wish to learn more about bail bonds and bail bondsmen, visit

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